Why MA-X?

Robotics, Automation, and Manufacturing

Collaborative Manipulation

  • Human-robot manipulation
  • Multi-mobile-robot manipulation

Non-rigid Material Handling

  • Composites manufacturing
  • Garment/tent manufacturing

Motion and Task Planning

  • Optimal motion planning, task scheduling
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Iterative and reinforcement learning

Sensor-guided Robotics

  • Visual serving
  • Compliance motion & force control
  • Sensor guided assembly

Interoperable Middleware

  • Interoperability and plug-n-play
  • Low-barrier robot programming

Recent Projects

  • ARM Convergent Manufacturing
  • DARPA SENSE: Big area additive manufacturing of self-sensing, self-diagnostic metal structures
  • ARL: Ceramic-metal matrix composites thermal barrier

Demonstration Facility

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